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Cleaning Your Flood Damaged Home 7/7

Posted on 7/7/2011

NDSU Extension in partnership with First District Health Unit and the Red Cross will be offering two training sessions for homeowners on Cleaning Your Flood Damaged Home.

Thursday, July 7 at 1:00pm or 6:30pm at the Sleep Inn, large event center (sessions will last approximately 2 hours) No registration is required and there is no fee to attend.

Training will include the step by step process and procedures for cleaning a flooded home or other building. This includes information on structural evaluation, utilities, what can be saved and what needs to be thrown, the sequence of removing materials, cleaning and sanitizing procedures, hazards of flood clean-up, personal safety and protection, proper mold removal procedures, biocides, and structural drying. Specific aspects of cleaning a basement, crawl space, or main floor will be covered. Sessions will include time for questions and discussion.

Ken Hellevang, PhD, PE, Engineer with NDSU Extension Service will conduct the trainings. Hellevang is a nationally known specialist in flood preparation and recovery including mold and moisture problems. He has presented numerous seminars on mold and building moisture management in several states and written publications on home moisture and indoor air quality distributed by universities and industry across the country.

If you have any questions please contact the NDSU Extension Office in Ward County, 701-857-6450.

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