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Buying FEMA Temporary Housing Units

Many questions have been posed to the City of Minot regarding the sale of FEMA Temporary Housing Units (THUs). The sale of these units is under the direction of the federal government. They have approved the following information.

Updated on October 29, 2012

Q. How can I purchase one of the manufactured homes that FEMA has brought to Minot to house residents displaced by the flood?

A. For those that are currently living in FEMA temporary housing units, FEMA is contacting them directly to determine interest in purchasing the unit.

For persons that are not residing in FEMA housing, all sales to the general public are conducted through GSA. Available manufactured homes can be viewed at Units from around the country appear on the site, so be sure to look for units located in North Dakota. Transportation is responsibility of the winning bidder. (Additional info about GSA sales of Minot housing units can be found by clicking on the link seen below.)

Additional information about GSA sales of Minot Housing Units

GSA Auction Viewing Guide (document)
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GSA Auction Viewing Guide

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