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ND DES 2011 Flood Report: Response and Recovery

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services released a report late in 2011, as a recap of the response and recovery efforts for flooding throughout the state in 2011. The following excerpt is from the executive summary.

"The 2011 flood impacted every river basin in North Dakota, shattered 21 peak records, displaced residents in 28 neighborhoods, and swamped 4,100 homes and businesses alone in Minot. As of November 1, 2011 the disaster is expected to cost $195 million in individual and housing assistance and $320 million in damages to public infrastructure. And those are just a few of the numbers. The flood's final cost will easily exceed $1.4 billion."

NDDES 2011 Flood Recovery and Response (document)
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NDDES 2011 Flood Recovery and Response Report

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