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Preliminary Implementation Planning-Project Phasing

A potential construction schedule for the enhanced flood protection plan within the City of Minot, including timelines for subprojects, will be discussed during council committee meetings the week of January 28th. The Preliminary Implementation Planning document, as requested by the City, will be presented by the engineering team to the Finance and Improvements, and Public Works and Safety committees during regularly scheduled times.

The Preliminary Implementation Planning document, as seen below, shows a potential project timeline indicating environmental studies would start this year, detailed design work would also get underway this year and construction on the early phases of the enhanced flood protection plan would start in 2015. All timelines and schedules are based on specific tasks and key assumptions that are dependent on funding sources, permits and approvals.

A summary of subprojects and an estimated timeline for constructing those projects is shown in the document based on identified priorities. These priorities are, in order of importance; 1) critical regional infrastructure value, 2) City of Minot flood-risk reduction, and 3) anticipated permitting effort.

The information released to City Council also breaks out funding sources for other large-scale flood protection plans in the state, in the cities of Grand Forks and Fargo. The review of these funding sources will help the City of Minot identify potential ways to pay for the Mouse River enhanced flood protection plan.

Preliminary Implementation Planning-Project Phasing

Preliminary Implementation Planning-Phasing_January 2013 (document)
File Size: 2101.47 kb

PDFs\Barr report_Preliminary Implementation Planning-Phasing_January 2013.pdf

Preliminary Project Scaling Assessment shows limited cost savings

A study requested by the Minot City Council to determine potential savings of constructing levees and flood walls to lower design flows showed limited cost savings. The assessment studied the fiscal impact of dropping the design flow from the 2011 record of 27,400 cubic feet per second (cfs) to either 10,000 cfs, 15,000 cfs or 20,000 cfs. In all, the project scaling assessment indicated a maximum estimated savings of $30.7 million, or less than six percent - on a project estimated to cost $543 million within the City of Minot ($820 million from Burlington to Velva). The study area within this assessment was limited to the city of Minot.

To read the Engineers Summary Report on the Preliminary Project Scaling assessment, click on the link below.

Preliminary Project Scaling Assessment

Summary: Preliminary project scaling assessment (document)
File Size: 1555.29 kb

Summary: Preliminary Project Scaling Assessment

City of Minot Unmet Needs Assessment

The Minot City Council reviewed and approved the City's Unmet Needs Assessment study on Wednesday, November 14, which identified existing flood recovery needs totaling $1.09 billion. The study was done to help City leaders continue to identify and secure additional state and federal funding for recovery efforts after the 2011 Mouse River Flood.

City of Minot Unmet Needs Assessment

City of Minot Unmet Needs Assessment (document)
File Size: 1389.12 kb

COFM_Unmet Needs Assessment_110712.pdf

Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery Action Plan

In mid-July 2012, the Minot City Council approved the City's Action Plan for use of more than $67.5 million in Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funding. These dollars from the federal government's Department of Housing and Urban Development are to be used by regions to address urgent needs, assist low- to moderate-income earners recover or remove slums or blight in neighborhoods.

The City of Minot's CDBG-DR Action Plan details projects for rehabilitation, reconstruction or acquisition of homeowner properties, as well as provide assistance for rental units and improve flooded infrastructure.

To read the entire Plan click on the link below.

Final Action Plan for City of Minot use of CDBG-DR funding (document)
File Size: 2397.26 kb

COFM_CDBGDR Final Action Plan_7.16.12.pdf

Long Term Recovery Framework with an Emphasis on Hazard Mitigation

On May 7, 2012, the Minot City Council approved a 123-page report titled, "City of Minot Long Term Recovery Framework with an Emphasis on Mitigation." This document identifies short-term, mid-term and long-term goal areas and projects that the City of Minot wishes to achieve in order to reduce or limit the effects of future disasters. This Long Term Recovery Framework will assist the City of Minot in efforts to secure important Hazard Mitigation funding from the federal government.

You can view the entire report by going to the link below.

Long Term Recovery Framework with an Emphasis on Hazard Mitigation (document)
File Size: 2933.51 kb

COFM_Longterm Recovery Strategy emphasis on Hazard Mitigation_050712.pdf

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