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City of Minot Voluntary Property Acquisition Guidelines

The Minot City Council passed a resolution during the January 18, 2012 special meeting establishing a Voluntary Real Estate Acquisition Plan. Depending on appropriate state funding and approval, the plan will allow the City of Minot to begin offering acquisitions to more than 120 homeowners impacted by the Mouse River flood of 2011.

The voluntary real estate acquisition plan is designed to work on a "willing buyer-willing seller basis." The City's offer to property owners will be based on the pre-flood assessed value of the property, plus 15 percent to reflect current market value.

Additional information or details related to this plan could be added as necessary.

Specifics of the plan can be found by clicking on the document seen below.

Voluntary Property Acquisition Guidelines - adopted January 2012 (document)
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Voluntary Property Acquisition Guidelines - adopted January 2012

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